Girls: Does Getting Punched In The Boob Hurt? | Yahoo Answers - Women being punched in the breasts

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Guys don't get hurt when punched or kicked on their balls? Women have varying levels of sensation in their breasts, but getting punched anywhere is usually. › AskReddit › comments › how_much_does_it_hu.

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By Akilar - 10:28
Being compared to being kicked in the balls, I'd say 25%. The size of course can It can be mild or extensive depending on the woman's pain tolerance. 3.
By Faunris - 10:02 › Sexual Health.
By Shaktitaur - 00:52
I have never seen a woman respond like that to being punched in the breast. It's not the same debilitating pain that [I imagine] you feel after getting hit in the.

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